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Q: Are the prices on the website inclusive of all taxes (eg standard consumption tax) or has something to be paid separately?
A: The prices on are inclusive of all taxes and therefore ready for registration for Austria. Vehicles without NoVA are marked accordingly.

Q: Why can the vehicles be offered so cheaply - do I have to pay attention as a buyer of a diplomatic vehicle?
A: Diplomats get special discounts on new cars in Austria and have the right to buy cars without VAT due to their diplomatic status. In general, the diplomat must hold the vehicle for 2 years before they can be sold in Austria without invoicing VAT. If a diplomat terminates his service in Austria before the end of the 2 years, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will issue an exception and the vehicle can be sold before the 2 year deadline without VAT.

Q: Are diplomatic vehicles equiped with default specification?
A: In most cases, diplomatic vehicles are bought and delivered directly as new vehicles by an Austrian dealer. There are no differences to domestic vehicles. In rare cases, option packages, such as the Austrian package, can not be selected.

Q: Is there a factory guarantee for diplomatic vehicles?
A: Yes, the factory guarantee is also valid without restriction for diplomatic vehicles.

Q: Can I buy the vehicle with VAT id?
A: No, since diplomats are exempted from VAT, VAT can not be denoted when selling diplomatic vehicles. However, VAT does not have to be paid in Austria if the 2-year period has expired or an exception from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is present.

Q: Can the vehicles be leased?
A: Yes, the vehicles can be financed through a leasing company.

Q: Can the language in the vehicle menu be set to German?
A: Yes of course, the vehicles are sold with a German board menu - the language can easily be changed in the vehicle menu, whereby all functionalities (navigation system, vehicle menu, etc.) are displayed in German language.

Q: Do the vehicles have German boarding literature?
A: As diplomats usually speak English, an English-language board literature is delivered at the time of delivery. However, a German charter can be bought at any specialist company. In electronic boarding, the language in the on-board menu can easily be changed to German.

Q: What about a "Dauersperre" What does it mean and can a diplomat sell his car in Austria (or Europe)?
A: Vehicles which are provided with a permanent suspension period can generally not be sold free of tax at any time. If they are nevertheless sold, the charges from which the embassy or the embassy member has been released must be paid.

- in the case of vehicles coming from a non-European Union (non-EU) State, the customs duties and standard fuel levy (nova) are payable, in accordance with the current value of the vehicle.

- In the case of vehicles brought into Austria from a member state of the EU or acquired free of charge from an Austrian dealer, VAT and the Nova (by the diplomat) are to be paid (Form U47). The former (sales tax) according to the new value of the vehicle, the latter (nova) according to the time value of the vehicle.

This regulation applies EU-wide. If the vehicle is exported from the EU area, there are no levies.