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We buy and sell your car! Our diplocars GmbH team has more than 30 years of experience in automotive sales. We buy and sell cars from all over europe - so do not hesitate to contact us if you have a registration inside or outside Austria.

Want to sell - contact us easily via whatsapp

You have two options:

Option 1) We can sell of your vehicle as a broker: (see exclusive offer for Contributing Members of the VIC Staff Associations/Unions below)*

Along with a professional advertisement for your car with high quality photos, details concerning the condition of the vehicle as well as a complete listing of the extras of your car model;

- we calculate the standard consumption levy (tax called NoVA),

- determine the sales value of your vehicle (including NoVA) for Austria and EU, and

- upon request can park your vehicle in a display car-lot.

- repair dents, scratches and damages (communication with you insurance included)

- annual service and Pickerl (yearly roadworthy check)

You have no more worries as we place advertisements for your vehicle in various online and offline channels, offer your vehicle to our wide business network and do all the test drives and appointments with any potential buyers.**

Upon the sale of your car, we'll de-register the car with the Austrian Authorities (Verkehrsamt) and collect any tires left at your dealer’s depot. Our comission in case of a successful sale is 5% out of the selling value (min. 790 EUR).

No matter which option you choose, your car is in good, experienced hands with us. We’ve sold more than 300 vehicles for UN Staff members since 2014.

Option 2) We can sell your car directly to our dealer network or buy it directly from you for the best price

We can sell your car quickly and easily with no delays to our dealer network or buy it for our company and an immediate cash payment (or swift bank transfer) of at least 500 euros more than what other dealers are offering you. We'll also de-register the car with the Austrian Authorities (Verkehrsamt) and collect any tires left at your dealer’s depot free of charge. We can also handle all necessary steps for the NoVA payment in Austria and repairs over your insurance. Depending on the damage we can also reduce the deductible amount you have at your insurance company up to 100%.

You can drive your car until the last day of your stay (or until your new car arrives).
Just drop the keys and documents and we will do the rest for you. 

If you are a diplomat, UN employee, embassy staff or expat and want to sell your car - do not hesitate to contact us.

For brokerage sales, Diplocars will charge a reduced management fee of 4% for Contributing Members of the VIC Staff Associations/Unions!



* For brokerage sales, Diplocars will charge a reduced management fee of 4% for Contributing Members of the VIC Staff Associations/Unions (from the regular 5% charge!) - min. 790 EUR
** From the 1st day of contract, Diplocars requires 4 weeks of exclusive brokerage rights for sale of your car.

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See the following link for all international organizations in vienna and austria:



If you want to buy a new car find the following information from the ministry of finance:

have in mind: standard consumption levy = NoVA = Normverbrauchsabgabe = standard consumption tax

Motor Vehicle

A completely new rule concerns the tax-exempt purchase of a motor vehicle from an Austrian car dealer, since – contrary to current practice – this rule provides for a direct VAT exemption and the standard consumption levy. This essentially contributes to speeding up tax relief. As regards the tax-exempt purchase of a motor vehicle, the following procedure is applied:

  • For the tax-exempt purchase of a motor vehicle the claim form U45 is required, on which – inter alia – the car dealer, the type of the car and the purchase price must already be indicated. The form may be completed and printed (e.g. by the car dealer) by computer via the homepage of the Federal Ministry of Finance. The completed form, which is certified by the diplomatic mission, must be filed with the Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs which issues the certificates (for the entrepreneur and for the registration authority).
  • The certificate for the entrepreneur is handed over to the Austrian car dealer. On the basis of this certificate the sale is exempt from value added tax and exempt from the standard consumption levy.
  • The certificate for the registration authority is handed over to the registration authority which enters the blocking note in the registration certificate.

Also the purchase of used cars can be effected tax-exempt by following the same procedure.
If the motor vehicle is not bought but leased (rented), the tax exemption applies only to the standard consumption levy. Value added tax is imposed on the respective lease payments. This VAT is refunded by way of the refund procedure (in the case of diplomats within the frame of the maximum refundable amount) on based on the invoices.

Diplomats are entitled to a certificate every two years. In addition, every two years they may purchase a motor vehicle tax-exempt in another Member State of the EU and – pursuant to customs law – import such motor vehicle tax-exempt (duty-free) as personal property, and every two years they may import a motor vehicle tax-exempt (duty-free). In addition to this, there are no further reliefs for motor vehicles (e.g. for family members).

A refund in connection with the purchase of a motor vehicle is not possible (even if the VAT and the standard consumption levy are shown on the invoice).

The tax reclaim is the same for all three types of tax advantaged purchase of motor vehicles (purchase at an Austrian car dealer, intra-Community acquisition in another EU Member State, import from a non-EUMember State). In such cases the customs provisions apply. Therefore, there is no tax reclaim (after a minimum period of six months) in the event of removal, death and serious damage.
The term "motor vehicle" is defined in the 1967 Law on Motor Vehicles. According to this law “motor vehicles“ are in particular cars, mixed vehicles and motorcycles. Trailers, airplanes and boats, however, do not constitute a “motor vehicle“.